London Screenwriter’s Festival 2013

After much agonising, I finally decided to attend this year’s London Screenwriter’s Festival in October. This has mostly been facilitated by them offering a very handy monthly installment plan, as £24 per month is a lot more palatable than £240 in one hit.

Considering the investment in money and time that this involves I need to make sure I’m prepared. That means I need to get my portfolio up to scratch in the next ten months. Based on the advice on Bang2Write, what I’ll need is: 10-15 one page pitches; 2 or 3 microshorts (1-3 pages); 1 ten minute short; 1 TV pilot and series bible; 2-4 feature scripts (each with its own 1 page pitch).

I’m unlikely to manage to get the feature scripts in place in time, but the TV pilot, the shorts and the pitches are entirely manageable in the timeframe.

7 thoughts on “London Screenwriter’s Festival 2013

  1. If I may be so bold, I’d recommend a feature over a TV script every time – if nothing else, they have more currency. TV people read features; but features ppl don’t tend to read TV scripts. A formula lots of my Bang2writers enact to good success: 10 pages a day for ten days – feature first draft for rewriting. Boom.

    Good luck!

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