Final Draft 9 to be released in 2014

FD9There has been a lot of speculation as to the release date of Final Draft 9, but I have the definitive answer now: Public demos will begin at the end of this month, and the release date will be early 2014, specifically January 6th. The new features are listed here.

There are a number of worldwide user groups at the end of the month to this effect, but the first worldwide demo of Final Draft 9 will be at London Screenwriter’s Festival 2013. I will of course report back from there.

Can’t wait for 2014 for new screenwriting features? Check out Fade In, which will have eclipsed even FD9 if they implement a few features.

Updated with specific release date and link to new features.

Further Update: Check out the side-by-side review of FD9 vs Fade In Pro.

2 thoughts on “Final Draft 9 to be released in 2014

  1. hope they fix the dual dialogue to allow type in it without need to undone the dual column!
    hope they fix the bugs that sometimes close the program and it is lost forever everything typed after the last save.

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