You know what they say: When life gives you lemons, use them as garnish for the booziest cocktail you can conceive of. So, when most of your life changes in unexpected ways, why not go all the way? So, I have renounced my previous employment and will henceforth focus on writing. Writing anything; anything at all. Ideally for money. The goal is to get myself to a position where instead of hating my day-job I am instead focussing on what I love and hoping I can get my writing career to the point where it can pay for luxuries like food and accommodation. To that end I’ve started hawking my services and I’m applying for any writing position going that I think I can do, freelance or otherwise.

Is this a terrifying shift in focus; unsure, unstable and risky? Oh yes, absolutely. But it’s the good kind of scary, the rollercoaster scary where you’re enjoying the shifts and turns, feeling the wind in your hair and screaming at the exhilaration of feeling your heart in your mouth. Because it’s better to feel alive than to feel nothing at all, and some things are worth risking everything for.

So, I’m giving myself up to a year of this to see where this leads me, to see what I can do with nigh-limitless opportunity. Because who knows when I’ll ever get this chance ever again.

So… What can I write for you? Would you like me to copy-edit or critique something you’ve written?

Get in touch.

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