Creative Goals of 2014

Icon-Writing-150There’s quite a few things I want to achieve creatively in 2014, but all of them really point to two things: The Whedonian Principle of filling your tanks, and the somewhat pithy goal I gave the London Writers’ Circle: Finish what you fucking start. But, to break that down to something akin a plan of action:

  • London Screenwriters Festival 2014: Attending, obviously, but also meet more people, pitch more often, do some business.
  • Watch one film from my list of Top 50 movies every week.
  • Finish not only the first draft, but also the second draft of Underworld Calling.
  • Attend the theatre or cinema at least once a month and write reviews of what I see.
  • Rework the series outline for Maestro.
  • Read more screenplays.
  • Write a short script that could be performed theatrically for no more than three actors in a single location, or shot cheaply as a short film.

London Writers Circle



Yes, yes you do. As I alluded to in my blogpost there, this came out of the London Screenwriters’ Festival. While its focus is primarily screenwriters and screenwriting, other media of writing are also welcome. But we’re still setting up our stall and, if I’m honest, this might be a bit of a blunder for a while. But our intentions are pure: To provide a supportive, creative atmosphere for writers in London.

So, our first meet-up will be tomorrow, Thursday the 7th of November, at the National Theatre, in the Lyttleton Cafe, from 7pm. We hope to see you there.