BBC Script Room Autumn Submission Window Open

Yesterday the next submission window for the BBC’s open submission opportunity opened. We now have until the 31st of October to send them our radio plays, films and TV episodes. I intend to send them a radio play I wrote years ago, now that the submission criteria became a little more relaxed with the opening of The Writer’s Prize. And, if I manage to get my act together, the TV pilot I’ve been working on since forever.

The Nick Darke Award 2012

The Nick Darke Award is a stage, screen and radio writing award and this year their theme is the environment. This means that I won’t be taking part, as there’s no way I could possibly pretend that my current WIP is anything at all to do with the environment.

However, the competition is a tempting one. They want an outline and 20 sample script pages and the winner receives £6000 to allow them to complete the script to industry standards. The deadline for entry is Monday the 14th of May.

Maybe there’s still time before then to kick off a new project…

Judicial Algorithms – First Draft completed

There’s something joyous about completing the first draft of a major piece of work; in this case my radio play Judicial Algorithms which I wrote for the OU. The first draft was written through straight without giving in to my usual temptation to edit as I go. So right now it’s a bit like Schroedinger’s Script; it could be awesome or it could be atrocious. But right now I’m just happy that exists at all.

Tomorrow comes the next phase: editing the first draft and all the self-doubt that comes with it, while I try to make something decent out of it and iron out the inevitable inconsistencies. Time will tell whether I’ll be tweaking something that’s not too bad or whether I’m polishing a turd.