Late to the Game

(P)impA Game of Thrones has been out for 16 years now, and the HBO TV show has been out for a year. I managed to watch the TV show and enjoyed it immensely, but I never got around to reading the books despite, or because of, the general acclaim.

Recently though I found myself at the end of Pattern Recognition and the only unread book on my Kindle was A Song of Ice and Fire. With a resigned sigh I launched myself into it. I have to say, it entirely deserves the acclaim it enjoys and knowing the story beforehand in no way diminishes the enjoyment of reading it. I’m nearly done with the first book and I can’t wait to read the second. I’d go as far as to say that I’m looking forward to it more than season two of the TV series.

Currently Reading

I’ve been waiting for Adam Christopher’s Empire State to be released for some time, so I’m glad I finished my previous book pretty close to the recent UK release date. Empire State is a sci-fi noir superhero story that’s been getting a lot of excellent buzz. Here’s the blurb:

It was the last great science hero fight, but the energy blast ripped a hole in reality, and birthed the Empire State – a young, twisted parallel prohibition-era New York. When the rift starts to close, both worlds are threatened, and both must fight for the right to exist.

Currently Reading

I’m finally getting around to reading Richard Morgan’s Altered Carbon, as recommended by a friend. He more than recommended it to me, he spoke of it in glowing terms and lent me the book. I’m a couple of chapters in so far and it’s interesting enough, though it seems to be a soft science fiction version of The Big Sleep, one of my favourite novels. I’d hesitate to call it cyperpunk noir, as I define that category fairly narrowly, but time will tell.