Short Film: Lot254

By way of a friend and the Digital Theatre daily short, I was pointed at Toby Meakins’ Lot254, a three-minute horror short.

This film, shot for hundreds, not thousands, and selected for numerous film festivals in 2012, is a brilliantly atmospheric piece. Wonderfully shot and graded, it builds its horror gradually. Even with familiar tropes and ideas the tension builds smoothly, and the pay-off is delivered cleanly.

There are so many excellent short films out there, I’m thinking of finding and highlighting one per week. If you have suggestions or pointers, please get in contact!

Short Film: Six Shooter

Icon-Movie-150Six Shooter is one of my favourite short films, written and directed by Martin McDonagh, of In Bruges fame.  This Oscar-winning short showcases some of his style and themes that he’ll later come to revisit, the dark comedy that he does so well. (Caveat: I’ve still not seen Seven Psychopaths)

Update: The YouTube link has expired, but you can pick it up on iTunes. And I have now seen Seven Psychopaths. 

Short Film: The Cub

Riley Stearns‘ The Cub is a five minute short film, nominated for the Short Film Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival. Stearns shows what can be done with four actors, a single location and minimal budget, delivering dry humour in an off-beat story.


Not only did I want to embed the YouTube link, now that it’s available, but I also wanted to point out that The Cub came from a successful KickStarter. After Amazon Payments and Kickstarter take their cut, and assuming all and only monies collected via Kickstarter were used, that means the budget for this short was $4,500.