New Year’s Hangover

Here’s a list of projects that were started in 2011 but not completed:

  • Novel: Vicious Cycles (Researched but not started)
  • Novel: Angels (Working title, still considered ‘current’)
  • Screenplay: Music is Magic (Working title. Short Film, in its fourth draft. Needs to move on)
  • Screenplay: Music is Magic (The extension of the short into something longer. Current project)
  • Screenplay: The Proposal (Needs a polish, then submission. Somewhere)
  • Comic: Broken Gears (May as well do some more work on it)
  • Comic: Ghost Detective (Massively overdue guilt project)

2011 Retrospective

What a curious year in writing 2011 has been. I had already started the Open University course A363 in October 2011 but on New Year’s Eve I still had the bulk of the assignments ahead of me. So, just past midnight on New Year’s Day, I vowed that 2011 would be year where I would get something published. The only caveat I added was that self-publishing didn’t count.

2011s writing began with a new medium for me, a film script that was an adaptation of my own work. Writing the film script was a great experience, seeing where the differences were to writing prose or comics, both in terms of limitations and strengths. Writing and adaptation was also valuable that lent more respect to the difficult task writers have of adapting works from one medium to another. It was a successful process and my marks reflected it.

After a couple of critiques and outlines, the next fiction assignment was a piece of prose that proved to be my Waterloo. Signs was an urban horror tale that I quite liked, as did my reviewers, but the tutor marking it loathed passionately. Once more the marks reflected this and my grade average plummeted.

The final piece of writing for the OU was a radio play that, depending on which draft you were looking at, was called either Judicial Algorithms or The Trial. Again, I enjoyed writing the script and the marks were good but not enough to recover from my genre misstep with Signs. And so I was done with the Open University. I considered continuing on, doing English Language or Literature modules now that I had exhausted their supply of Creative Writing courses. In the end I decided against it, I wanted to spend my time writing, not learning the theory of writing.

So clearly I did absolutely no writing at all for the next three months.

This came to an end when I was in a face one morning. Frustrated with my the dearth of fictional writings, I decided to at the very least jot down a paragraph of prose. A paragraph became a page, which became a chapter and all of a sudden I was starting a novel. Trust me, I was as shocked as anyone, probably more. Sadly, balance was restored to the universe when I couldn’t keep the momentum going past a couple of months. But I will return to the novel, which had the working title of Angels.

The next piece of writing I did was not fiction, but an analysis of fiction, meta-fiction and magic. This was Parallel Words, which was published by Bleeding Cool. At first I didn’t count this as ‘published’ but after some persuasion from friends I decided to let this count. New Year’s Goal: Achieved!

Following on from this I wrote a ten minute short film script which got some good feedback. I intend to do some experimentation with filming this as a short, but I’m also working this out into a longer script as the short works quite well as a prequel to a longer story. This will be what I will endeavour to work on in the New Year.

Christmas Eve was a big day for me for a slightly different reason: I at last told my parents that I was writing. It sounds ridiculous, but I never told them because I feared they would ridicule me for wasting my time, but they thankfully didn’t. They didn’t ask to read anything either, but I’ll settle for the small victories.

So, writing goal for 2012? Again, get something published, but not self-published and not on a website. Wish me luck!

Music, Magic and the short that isn’t

When going to see some friends for a Christmas party in Derby, I decided to dig out the stub of an old idea and flesh it out into a short 10 minute screenplay. It’s a story about music and magic and awakenings. With hindsight, it shares some ideas with Phonogram, but I’ll maintain that the original ideas for the piece came from an essay I wrote years ago about shamanism and a note I made when drunkenly listening to music with friends. All years before I learnt of Phonogram’s existence.

Over the course of the weekend, the 10 minute short came into being. One more day and the second draft was ready for other people to review. I’ve had some review feedback already and there’s a working third draft, but I’ll wait until getting some more responses before calling it complete.

…Except there’s a wrinkle in this seemingly smooth plan. I was entirely ready put the script to rest until after Christmas when follow-on scenes started forming in my head. The short still works as such, but it seems it also works as an introductory scene to something longer, which is where I’m currently at. A 10 minute short can be written straight off the cuff, but something more longform requires more substantial plotting and planning and hence slower progress. And slower progress increases the risk that I’ll get distracted by something new, or that I’ll procrastinate by creating a playlist of the music referenced so far. I shall bear with it though, I’ve had a terrible run of not finishing projects over this last year.

Novel Progress? Wrong on both counts

While I’ve kept the general page live, I’ve taken down the active dials on the main page indicating my progress on the novel I’m writing. The main reason for this is that I’ve made no progress at all in a couple of months, having been distracted by real life and, inevitably, new projects.

The novel is not entirely dead, but at this point it’s a shambling undead creature living between worlds. All it needs is a fresh infusion of brains, some time and a bolt of lightning to bring it back, but for now it’s in cold storage.

Domain Name Change

I guess it was only a matter of time before the squeamishness of using my own name as the domain name for this site became too much to bear. And so, since I called the site Endless Realms, that’s what the domain name will be as well. is up and running. Redirects are in place and all old links should still work once the name servers start doing the heavy lifting within the next 72 hours.