I am a world-class procrastinator. If procrastinating were an Olympic discipline, I’d probably be doing something else that day. The way I keep myself writing, other than snatching time from the jaws of a full-time job, is to procrastinate writing by doing other writing. It’s okay to cheat on my radio play for the OU, if I’m doing some work for Broken Gears or Secret Comic Script B (formerly known as Secret Comic Pitch B). I have to keep doing this as I found out the hard way that writing is a lot easier if you do it every day. Once the breaks stretch into days, even weeks, then getting back into it is nigh-on impossible.

The context of all of this? This morning I wrote the first sentence of the novel that I’ll start writing in May after the OU is done with me. Happy days.


Well, things have edged forward and progress has been made. The second assignment for the OU, a film adaptation of a previous piece of my prose, ended up getting a very high mark, so clearly I’m thrilled! The third assignment, the critique, has been submitted, but I doubt the grade will be anywhere as high.

I’ve also had some good feedback on Secret Comic Pitch B, so I need to see if I can make my pitch work in 6-8 pages ; if not it needs to be scrapped and some new idea is required.

Beyond that, I need to finally decide what my final submission to the OU will be, as the outline is due in just over two weeks.

Busy,  busy.

Update: January 2011

Who would have expected that the project with the most progress so far this year would be Broken Gears? Secret comic script submission A has had no feedback at all. Secret comic pitch B has had no feedback either.

That leaves the OU. The next assignment, due in a week, is a critique of another student’s work. I’m finding this incredibly dull. I can see the purpose of the exercise, but it’s still dull.

Beyond that I have a 2500 word short story, which may end up being a radio drama. And then there’s the prep for the final piece of examined work which currently looks like it may by the first 4000 of a novel.

The goal for this year is to get something published. The specific goal, if possible, is to submit something, anything to a short story periodical. This month. As in, during the next week, realistically.

Current Writing Projects

It’s a new year and time to chronicle the various writing projects I’m working on right now.

First up is Broken Gears, a comic set in the gaslit dystopia of London. The script isn’t finished, but there’s a hell of a lot more script than there is art, and until there is there will be no comic. The next target, I can’t really use the term deadline any more, is MCM Expo in May.

I submitted a script to Lem of Bunny Comics. No response yet.

My next main project is module A363 – Advanced Creative Writing with the Open University. My current assignment, due in under a week, is to adapt a previously written piece of prose into a dramatic script.

Plenty of projects to keep me out of mischief and attain my goal of being published in some form this year, whether it be a small-press comic, an article in a magazine or a short story in an anthology. 2011 will be the year I move away from the theory and get myself out there.