Music, Magic and the short that isn’t

When going to see some friends for a Christmas party in Derby, I decided to dig out the stub of an old idea and flesh it out into a short 10 minute screenplay. It’s a story about music and magic and awakenings. With hindsight, it shares some ideas with Phonogram, but I’ll maintain that the original ideas for the piece came from an essay I wrote years ago about shamanism and a note I made when drunkenly listening to music with friends. All years before I learnt of Phonogram’s existence.

Over the course of the weekend, the 10 minute short came into being. One more day and the second draft was ready for other people to review. I’ve had some review feedback already and there’s a working third draft, but I’ll wait until getting some more responses before calling it complete.

…Except there’s a wrinkle in this seemingly smooth plan. I was entirely ready put the script to rest until after Christmas when follow-on scenes started forming in my head. The short still works as such, but it seems it also works as an introductory scene to something longer, which is where I’m currently at. A 10 minute short can be written straight off the cuff, but something more longform requires more substantial plotting and planning and hence slower progress. And slower progress increases the risk that I’ll get distracted by something new, or that I’ll procrastinate by creating a playlist of the music referenced so far. I shall bear with it though, I’ve had a terrible run of not finishing projects over this last year.

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