Flash Flood

I’ve not tended to have much success with submissions. Firstly, I had a habit of submitting old stories that I wrote years ago, hardly representative of where I am now as a writer. And secondly, I’ve never been very diligent in actually submitting stories to competitions or opportunities. Not sending anything is always going to get in the way of winning plaudits.

This week a friend suggested I enter a flash fiction competition at FlashFlood, an online flash-fiction journal. For once, rather than yet again repurposing old material, I threw together a new story in short order. After some helpful edits, I submitted it and… was accepted!

Needless to say I’m thrilled! Not just to have the story be accepted, but also for the generation of new material, a foundation upon which to build.

And the story itself? I’ve since re-titled it for future submissions, but I present to you: Death Penalty.

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