Writing Exercise 1: The Obituary

I’ve always liked doing writing exercises, they can often shake off the cobwebs of discouragement, as well as often delivering new material; tiny seeds of ideas that could germinate into something magnificent.

For this exercise, imagine you have been given the most bittersweet news: On the one hand, you’ll die tomorrow, but on the other, you’ll have time to say goodbye to your loved ones and write your own obituary. Five hundred words by which you’ll be remembered.

But you have a decision to make. Do you:

  • Write a glossy, flattering obituary for national distribution?
  • Pen a personal obituary, for those close to you to remember you by?
  • Scribble a private obituary, a warts-and-all confessional that only you will see?

Why not try all three? Alternatively, try writing your obituary from the point of view of people you know, whether they know you very well or have only ever met you briefly.

Over to you!

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