Short Film: Room 8

Writer/director James Griffiths won the BAFTA for Best British Short Film for Room 8, so that was next in line for a viewing. Watch it on YouTube below:

Room 8, a story about a prisoner, curiosity and a box of secrets was surprising. At first its slow pace had me a bit bored, and I was watching time tick away quickly. However, when reveal piled upon reveal, this five and half minute film engrossed. By the end, the atmosphere, the implications and the wider world it hints at have drawn you in effectively.

I’ve always believed a short film needs to be economical with its time, it needs to start late and finish early, even more so than a scene from in a feature film. Room 8 does that very well indeed. However, so far, of the shorts reviewed here, my favourite is still The Voorman Problem.

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