Short Film: Soul Matrix

Soul Matrix PosterWhen I recently asked on Twitter for recommendations of short films, I was expecting to basically be given a litany of recent BAFTA and Oscar nominees. What I was pleasantly surprised by was how many of my fellow writers had made short films they were keen for people to see.

The first of these is Mark Brennan of Pork Chop Pictures, who pointed me at his short film Soul Matrix.

This dialogue-less tale of modern longing, managed to add a charming sheen to what could otherwise be lightweight material.  Almost exactly halfway through, there is a shift in narrative, where the lovestruck loser seeks to satisfy his longing via digital means. It’s this segment that tests the film’s ‘It’s not creepy, it’s love’ tagline; the micro-purchased Poupée Girl routine becoming increasingly uncomfortable as it progresses.

But, just like the protagonist himself, the film pulls it back around, finding redemption and satisfaction. The charm of the first half returns and we feel happy for our no-more bumbling everyman.

What’s additionally impressive was the fact that this eight minute short was filmed, as Mark told me, guerilla-style. The budget was for sandwiches and the cost of having the prop made. It goes to show what can be done with a good script, and a dedicated team of actors and filmmakers.

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