Blog Trends – May 2014

So I was interested in what types of posts on this site, that I’ve written so far this year, are popular; to perhaps learn where to focus my efforts. So, a few minutes with Google Analytics and Excel and the results are in!
2014 Stats May
I think we can safely say that the ups and downs of the narrative world of Hellblazer and John Constantine are probably only interesting to me! This is, of course, terrible news, but I shall try to resist the temptation to try to convince the readers otherwise with blanket coverage.

My interests and articles in the world of digital media distribution certainly seems to attract some interest, the most successful of which being Comixology and Frictionless Digital Consumption. I’m also very pleased that the reviews I’ve been putting up are doing reasonably well, though perhaps by stuffing the ballot box. The review of the short film The Voorman Problem was the one that garnered most interest.

What seems to be of special interest though are articles about tools for writers, from writing software to script structure or questions of language. I can understand that, everyone is looking for a light in the darkness, that small nugget of assistance that will lend polish to their work.

So, next steps will be to perhaps provide more articles with some utility, and perhaps shelve that list of John Constantine crossover TV show ideas. But first, I’m working on another review…

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